Thursday, July 16, 2015


Length-60 mins.
(speaking with feats of strength)

Description: With this show package you will learn how one man stepped out of the darkness of his horrific childhood and into the light.

  • Learn how to overcome crisis and become stronger.
  • If you never quit you will never be a failure.
  • How to be a Maximized Man.
  • Setting up your environment for success.
  • The long lost art of being a Gentleman.
And how the choice all depends on YOU in regards to Who You are/will become.

This is Mike's testimonial how he overcame a horrific beginning and chose to go down a different path.

Souvenirs: Any person that comes up on stage with Mike will gladly be given any piece of twisted steel, bent spike, or torn cards from his performance.

Contact Mike for more details at


Length-60 mins.                                                                     

Description: Leave your guests amazed with this jaw dropping birthday experience! 
This show package features a 45 minute show filled with exercise games, Machine Superhero Coloring pages, Nerf Stick Battle, Hand eye coordination skills, How to become strong like Mike The Machine, proper eating habits with Machine Cartoon work sheet and more.

In between the fun Mike will perform various feats of strength that will captivate the kids attention.

There is strong emphasis on how to be good boys and girls and all children get a Team Machine Chore sheet for their parents to hang up and take action.

Souvenirs: All children in attendance will receive a Team Machine packet to color and mail to Mike if they want him to autograph it.
The packet includes:
  • How to be like The Machine coloring worksheet.
  • The Machine eating plan to be a Superhero.
  • Team Machine chore sheet.
The birthday child gets his or her own special packet from Mike and also gets to keep all of the broken debris, steel and torn up cards. 

Mike makes sure that the birthday child is the "STAR" of the day with his own special game called I am the STAR.

Mike always saves time at the end for any and all questions for young and old.

Contact Mike for more details at



Length-45 mins.

Description: Learn The Machine's 3 step plan for becoming the Strongest person you can with this spiritual plan of:

  1. Love
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Knowing Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

As a Christian and Sunday school teacher Mike understands how important it is to share the Gospel as a Man of God. Mike uses his God given talent of Strength to inspire and motivate you to build your character and try to walk a path as Christlike as possible.


Team Machine Anti-Bullying Program
Designed for youth in middle school and under. 
Price: $159
  • Great for schools during Red Ribbon week, Drug Awareness Week, week leading up to School breaks.
  • Learn how Mike “The Machine” Bruce overcame being bullied at school and beaten by his stepfather aka “The Boogeyman."
  • During this 60 min program Mike shares his story of rising up above the Bullies and learning how to become A Strongman.
  • Topics covered:
  • The Machine's  5 Pillars of Strength:
  1. Be strong enough to be nice.
  2. To be strong is to be intelligent. The strongest weapon any strongman has is his mind.
  3. Self-discipline.
  4. Becoming a Machine aka Team Machine.
  5. The importance of physical exercise and proper nutrition.
  • Within the program Mike performs feats of strength that have aptly earned him the title “The Machine”. 
Mike teaches exercise games with kids such as Nerf Stick fighting, exercises using their own bodyweight and more.

Other topics covered:                                         

-Proper manners
-Being a good listener
-Following directions.
-How to be a lady and gentleman.
-Saying NO to Drugs. 

*Mike has always been 100% DRUG-FREE.
Contact Mike at

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mike "The Machine" Bruce "Out of the Darkness into the Light" Strength Show

Audiences are amazed as he rips through decks of cards with ease, crushes steel bars with his bare hands, drives nails through planks with one blow of his fist and bends steel bars on top of his head.
 These are a just a handful of the powerful feats of strength that take place during one of his inspirational and motivating performances.

You too can personally witness his incredible power as seen by audiences nationwide by bringing Mike to your church, school, grand opening or special event.

Come out of the darkness and into the light........
or call (606)-305-9505

Testimonials for The Machine Strongman Shows.

"Mr.Bruce's charisma, machine-like feats of strength, and powerful message captivated an audience full of officers for over an hour. His show is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting and heart-felt moments you will ever experience.
R.Strunk, Correctional Officer USP McCreary

Mike "The Machine" Bruce presented a wonderful program for our school where he motivated students with his feats of strength, to make wise choices and rise above bad experiences.
Sue Breeding, Monticello Independant Schools

Thanks for talking to the truent kids today. I haven't seen them be that quiet and no mouthing off for quite some time.
They need positive role models and you fit that for them.
Donna Wilson-Head Truent Officer for Meece Middle School, Somerset KY

I loved hearing you speak this morning at First Baptist! And the nail bending stuff was just crazy awesome!:D lol It was very motivational all-together! Thank you very much for sharing your testimony with us!
Laura Hancock

Courtney Bennett Girdler-
Thanks so much for coming!!! You should come back when we have a full house. All the kids would love and benefit from hearing your testimony!! Thanks again!!

"Mike-your skills as a speaker and your message was outstanding."
Chris Rider, Professional Strongman

"Mike is a wonderful speaker with a full marine-corps-trained voice. Mike's story has to be heard."
Tim Fox, Tennessee Police Officer

"Mike is one of the finest trophies of grace whom I have ever met. if you ever have the privilege to meet him, you'll know exactly what I mean."
Tom Zurowski, Founder and Executive Director of Global Response Network and The Chapel Church.

"Dear Mike, Thank you for all you did to make career day a success. We truly appreciate you."
Julie Goodin, Hokins Elementary School

I've had the pleasure of witnessing Mike's speaking and performing several times in the past few years. Working with abused and neglected adolescent males, I am familiar with stories similar to Mike's. On two occasions, Mike has spoken with the teens I work with and shared his testimony.
Unlike the majority of teens I work with, Mike has a success story second to none. He, as you will learn in his speaking, had a troubled childhood at the hamd of abusive men in his life. He struggled with fear, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and trauma as a result if his abuse.
Fortunately, Mike was able to overcome his adversities after his mother married the man he calls Dad, Mr. Bruce.
Mike's story promises to grab your attention, make you feel compassion, and let you witness hope and see a miracle standing before you!
I wish all the teens I work with could find a "Mr. Bruce" to lead them into adulthood and help them become productive and respected members of society.
-Darren Neal

What makes an individual strong? Their body shows evidence, the results of daily discipline, sculpted muscles, and quick reactions. But what lies beneath the motivation of Coach Mike The Machine Bruce is far more reading than outward appearances.

Honor, respect and an eye for potential is his true north. He coaches and mentors, inspires and guides his students through physical growth and designs a blueprint for success by providing the tools to establish a positive mental attitude.

During Mike’s show you will learn that through his game plan he has adapted and overcome major crisis as a child and now shows you the man he is today.

His sheer physical strength is world renown, but his mental strength eclipse’s even greater.

He has never given up and he will not give up on you.

Mike’s life philosophy reminds of the words of Jesus…God will never give up or abandon me. Heb.13:5

BJ “Barb” Thurman

Mike Bruce is a quality, professional, personal trainer who is a wonderfully gifted and inspirational speaker of God. Mike is passionate about performing amazing, feats of strength and speaks to men and women about being a beautiful temple of the living God. Mike, the Machine, is a quality Christian man that is a treat to hear and a joy to see him perform in person. and he has an amazing testimony and glorifies God. Sincerely, Pastor Joe Altman