Friday, March 6, 2015

Machine Shop Gym LLC

We will rebuild your body and your mind.

Machine Shop Gym LLC
1424 SHWY 27
(606) 305-9505

Why Us?

The Machine Shop Gym LLC is a private gym with a strict admissions process. We are very selective in who we accept as clients. We do this to weed out the non-motivated, drama filled troublemakers and tough guy wanna be's.
I am looking for those individuals that are great listeners, who can follow directions and that have a strong desire to change their life.

What makes us different is the community that I have been able to build within our walls. 

Values & Benefits our clients experience:

  • More energy
  • Multiple size loss
  • Increased flexibility
  • Lean and refined physiques
  • Increased individual confidence
Our sessions are 45:00 to 1 hour.
We start with a 10 minute warm up of various bodyweight exercises we then take a short rest to sip some water before we start the scheduled workout for that class.

We end with a 5-10 minute cool down where I then share upcoming news for the gym.
To learn more about our gym click the link below.

About Coach Mike Bruce-
Certifications, Degrees, Experience
 USMC Honor Graduate Platoon 2170
 ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (2004)
 Founded Machine Shop Gym Training Systems (2008)
 Gilletts Mixed Martial Arts Full Instructor PCS-5 (2005)
 Professional Performing Strongman
 CPR (Adult) Certified (2004)
 24 years of experience in Physical Culture/Training
 Over 18,000 hours of Athletic Training Experience (1997-Present)
 Owner and Master Trainer of Machine Shop Gym Training Systems
 Opened new sporting facility in 2nd year of business
 Character Education Speaker/Performing Strongman at Schools, Prisons and Churches nation wide (2007-Present)
 World record holder in the Seated Neck lift (2007)
 Submission Wrestling 5 time champion (1997-1999)
 Connecticut State Judo Champion (1999)
 High School Cranston RI Wrestling champion
 High School 4th place sectional champion (1992-1993)
 High School 6th in state MA wrestling champion (1992-1993)
Started The Sisterhood Combatives Program in 2011:
Started Team Machine 2.0 youth Boot Camp January 2012
August 2012 World record set in Somerset Ky with steel bars bent across throat.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Playing around with some Plyometric Push-ups.


FANTASTIC FEATS of STRENGTH by Mike "The Machine" Bruce




Twisting a Horseshoe for a child.


One of my friends brought some guests to my gym and asked if I could do a feat of strength for their son.

I twisted open this horseshoe for the little guy.



Audiences are amazed as he rips through decks of cards with ease, crushes steel bars with his bare hands, drives nails through planks with one blow of his fist and bends steel bars on top of his head.
 These are a just a handful of the powerful feats of strength that take place during one of his inspirational and motivating performances.

You too can personally witness his incredible power as seen by audiences nationwide by bringing Mike to your church, school, grand opening or special event.

Come out of the darkness and into the light........
mike or call 606-305-9505

Testimonials for The Machine Strongman Shows.

"Mr.Bruce's charisma, machine-like feats of strength, and powerful message captivated an audience full of officers for over an hour. His show is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting and heart-felt moments you will ever experience.
R.Strunk, Correctional Officer USP McCreary

Mike "The Machine" Bruce presented a wonderful program for our school where he motivated students with his feats of strength, to make wise choices and rise above bad experiences.
Sue Breeding, Monticello Independant Schools

Thanks for talking to the truent kids today. I haven't seen them be that quiet and no mouthing off for quite some time.
They need positive role models and you fit that for them.
Donna Wilson-Head Truent Officer for Meece Middle School, Somerset KY

I loved hearing you speak this morning at First Baptist! And the nail bending stuff was just crazy awesome!:D lol It was very motivational all-together! Thank you very much for sharing your testimony with us!
Laura Hancock

Courtney Bennett Girdler-
Thanks so much for coming!!! You should come back when we have a full house. All the kids would love and benefit from hearing your testimony!! Thanks again!!

"Mike-your skills as a speaker and your message was outstanding."
Chris Rider, Professional Strongman

"Mike is a wonderful speaker with a full marine-corps-trained voice. Mike's story has to be heard."
Tim Fox, Tennessee Police Officer

"Mike is one of the finest trophies of grace whom I have ever met. if you ever have the privilege to meet him, you'll know exactly what I mean."
Tom Zurowski, Founder and Executive Director of Global Response Network and The Chapel Church.

"Dear Mike, Thank you for all you did to make career day a success. We truly appreciate you."
Julie Goodin, Hokins Elementary School