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It was my pleasure to be interviewed for Fiorillo Barbell company Podcast Motivation Muscle.

We talked about all things related to muscle, motivation, strength, grappling, character building and being a real man of maximum potential.

I hope you enjoy.

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Training log for 9/6-9/12

Bodybuilding style:
saturday 9/6
flat flies 4×15 45,50,55,65.
incline gironda press low incline 65×8, 80×8,6, 90×4.
decline barbell 225×10,8,8,8
flat db 4×10 with 65#
cable crossover 4×12
dips 4 sets AMRP
flies again 4×12 with 55#

rope pulldowns around chest 4×15
rope pulldowns behind neck while on knees 4×15
close grip standing pull in GIRONDA style 4×8
sternum pull-up with weight 4×4

9/9 Demolition deltoids
strict peoples press 10,8,6,4,2
Giant set of:
bent over lateral
seated side lateral
alt front fraise charles glass style
db upright row
db arnold press
I used 3 weights for this giant set 25, 35, and 40’s.
I went through this cycle 3 times.

skull crushers to forehead 6x
skull crushers behind the head 6x
close grip press 6x
This is done in a tri-set for 3 rounds.
Then I did incline dumbbell curls for 4×8 with a low incline and 30 pound bells.
Next to finish off I did prone dumbbell curls with 20 pound bells for 4×8.

safety bar squats 225×8,8 and then 355×3,3
forward barbell lunge 95, 135, 135 all for 8 reps.
good mornings 225×8,8, 315xx8.
sumo deadlift 405×8. 495×3, 495×3.

Workouts for week of august 25-29.

neutral safety bar squat 4×12 with 135lbs
zercher barbell hold revers lunges 2×8 with 65#
Good morning 2×10 with 135
Bar bridge 2×10 with 135#
*great workout.

incline db press 4×8 with 75#
dips with 90# attached to waist for 4×8
incline db row used 70# dumbbells 4×8
sternum pull-ups 4 x6,5,4,4
scott dumbbell press 4×8 with 45#
seated side laterals 4×8 with 30

Hack sled 4×8
Standing calf raise 4×20 with toes pointed out
Rack RDL 500#x3 585#x3 605#x3
sit-up with 25 pound weight behind head in highest incline 1×15
weighted V-up 45# 1×15
Plank for 3:00 with 45 pounds on my back.

Trained arms for a change did skull crusher with 25# per side of EZ bar. Did 6 reps to the forehead, 6 reps behind the head, then 6 close grip press. I did this for 3 rounds.
Then I did Big Dog curls
55×10, 60×8, 65×6, 75×4, 80×10.

Saturday workout 8/10/14

Dips off the dip bars 135 attached to waist and did 4 sets of 3 reps easy.

Chin-ups with weight attached 55#x6,6. 65#x4, 90#x2.

Standing single laterals 55# for 4×6.
Overhad single triceps ext 45# 4×4
Various dumbbell curls for 4×12 slowly and squeezing the muscle.

Wrist curls heavy for 4×3
Neck lift standing with the neck flex high volume.