Post injury bodyweight strength feats

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About Mike The Machine

It is my mission to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. To go against the wussification of man, the politically correct, to stand for what I believe in, to honor my wife, to walk a path as Christlike as I can, dropping knowledge & teaching men to be a real man, lead men to Christ, teach men how to treat a woman with respect and to praise her. Teaching kids the world over to pull their pants up around their waist, understand that life does not revolve around their every little whim, teaching kids to have manners, respect for others, that bullies are cowards and that there is nothing worse than having to listen to an undisciplined, loud mouthed, snot nosed brat that needs to be taught how to act as a young person and open their ears, close their mouths and LISTEN to the adults. They might just learn something. Life is too short to worry and ponder about what the HATERS say about me. I will not tolerate any negativity, dysfunction, instability or shenanigans in my life. I stand tall and proud of who I am and where I'm going. I adore my wife and love our dogs. I hustle as soon as my feet hit the floor to make it an awesome day and I will stand firm to prevent and banish all nonsense that tries to stand in my way. I have a very blessed life, one I am so grateful for. It is time to rise up and stand tall for being a real man and not forget to be a true gentleman. Be strong, humble, have a childlikeness and be submissive. That is the essence of a strongman.

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